Does Warm Market Still Work?

Does Warm Market Still Work?

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  • Warm Market cold market they both work warm market is free cold market cost until you learn the skills to advertise for free. But Tom you hit the nail on the head it all boils down to your skills you have no choice you must increase them. It doesn’t happen overnight but when you plug into someone that knows what they are doing like Tom Challan you shave a lot of time off of your learning curve. So you have some options give up and continue on the 40 year plan or take action today, do what it takes today, do what you can today but just make it happen by calling people, put them in front of your presentation follow up with them find out what they liked and if they like it enroll them that my friends is the upto 5 year plan and it equals RESIDUAL INCOME. Thanks for keeping it super simple Tom the rest is up to you whoever happens to read this.

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